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The Press

Rarely does a property meet you right where you’re at. Until now. The Press at Midtown is everything you want it to be. Finally, a landmark for MidTown that brings unprecedented amenities and access to all that Sacramento offers. And it’s not just new to you, but new for the entire concept of modern living. This centrally-located, technology-laden and design-inspired area is more than just an apartment building, it’s a Modern Canvas for Living.

Brand Theme

Contemporary, High Quality, Thought Provoking

What it should be:

Savvy, Fresh, Cool / Relevant

Brand Voice

Creative, Playful


A totally renovated, park-like living community in the middle of Silicon Valley that provides tranquility and convenience. With a footprint anchored in the citrus grove trees of yesteryear, Grove has been re-imagined as the ideal apartment complex to get away from it all. You, your friends and your family will find respite in the peaceful confines of Grove.

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Brand Theme

Natural & Organic, High Quality

What it should be:

Simple, Approachable

Brand Voice

Silicon Valley Savvy, Friendly, Warm

The Broadway

Rarely can you expect the words iconic and reasonably priced together when it comes to Bay Area living. Then again, The Broadway is anything but expected. Carved out of the Oakland foothills, the stylish apartment building is purpose-built to provide convenient and easy access to downtown, commuter corridors and weekend getaways. Of course with the boutique hotel-like amenities, genuine fixtures and stylish finishes, residents will appreciate the sophisticated comfort of staying right at home.

Brand Themes

Classic, Evocative, Sophisticated, Genuine

What it should be:

Timeless, Approachable

Brand Voice

Oakland Centric, Playful & Clever

Union Flats

You don’t compromise on how you live your life. Nor should you when you choose where to live. Say goodbye to tradeoffs and nod hello to getting what you really want. Enter The Union Flats.

Featuring modern, fully-furnished lofts and laughably short commutes, this living community offers amenities and access to suit the on-the-go lifestyle of NorCals. Presenting The Union Flats. Designed for access, built for style.

Brand Themes

Contemporary, High Quality, Sustainable

What it should be:

Savvy & Confident

Brand Voice

Bay Area Centric, Playful & Clever

Kapilina Beach Homes

Feeling at home doesn’t have to start when you close the door behind you. The moment you enter the manicured gardens and pristine lagoons of Kapilina, the sense that you have arrived washes over you. Single-family homes and townhouses provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy the world-class beach, family-friendly amenities and open spaces for indoor-outdoor living. Nestled on the Iroquois Point in West Oahu, Kapilina is everything you want in island living. Kapilina Beach Homes. Everyday Resort Living.

Brand Theme

Resort, Organic, Family Oriented

What it should be:

Fun, Approachable

Brand Voice

Island Centric with a touch of luxury


There is a place that few speak of. Where adding convenience doesn’t mean giving up personality. Where closing your door invites your view to say hello. Where enjoying newness is available. This lifestyle exists. Prominently located in a place you see everyday but haven’t really looked at. Panomar. Expand your point of view.

Brand Theme

Mid-century modern inspired California style

What it should be:

Clean lines, classic 60’s references, Fresh, organic, carefully curated eclectic mix

Brand Voice

Confident, clever, stylish and a little bit playful.

Foundry Commons

Forged at the foundation of Bay Area innovation lies a new enclave. Yes, this is not another soul-less box of glass and metal rising above the skyline. Rather, it serves as a haven of collaboration and craftsmanship. A new living community purpose-built for doers, custom-tailored for makers and minted for a bespoke lifestyle. Foundry Commons. Make a Life For Yourself.

Brand Theme

Organic, Fun, Authentic

What it should be:

Gritty, Tactile, Hand Made

Brand Voice

Creative, Sensitive, Grounded, Clever, Genuine. Speaks to Art, Food, Learning, Exploration.

777 TENN

This isn’t the living situation you expect. That is, unless you are predicting the unpredictable. 777TENN is rugged but sleek. Boutique yet established. Refined meets edgy. It ushers in the next wave of Dogpatch living with rooftop views, AC inside and thoughtfully designed living spaces. It’s the perfect backdrop to living your best life. This is 777TENN.

Brand Theme

Sleek, Edgy, Thought Provoking.

What it should be:

Engaging, Impressive, Conscientious.

Brand Voice

Genuine, Confident.

Pier 70 San Francisco

San Francisco’s Pier 70 Waterfront. Over the next 15 years, the site will become a blend of creative, local uses, living spaces and office solutions designed for the emerging economy. It will use a range of historic resources and open spaces to supply a community-driven waterfront experience.

Brand Theme

Authentic, Real

What it should be:

Next evolution of Pier 70

Brand Voice

Optimistic, Inclusive


Lofts at Main Street Cupertino belongs to its residents and its community. Home to the world’s brightest engineers, designers, and innovators, this iconic area is where revolutions are born. It champions the town square spirit, and provides a comfortable haven for its community, while affording them certain luxuries such as a desirable homes and immediate access to shopping and dining. Serving both the start-up and the start-something-new crowds, Lofts at Main Street Cupertino offers a unique and fresh way to Simplify Your Life.

Brand Theme

Contemporary, Sophisticated

What it should be:

Savvy & Confident

Brand Voice

Silicon Valley Centric


Located in the heart of Santa Clara is a refreshed and renovated apartment complex called Plumtree. Trees line the  grounds and provide a quiet escape to the concrete and steel of the surrounding Silicon Valley. Newly remodeled, Plumtree blends new, modern amenities with classic, family-oriented lifestyle. Experience the freshly redone interiors, spacious layouts and an overall sense of calm that these apartments provide.

Plumtree. A Touch of Nature.

Brand Theme

Natural & Organic, High Quality

What it should be:

Simple, Welcoming

Brand Voice

Family Friendly, Playful

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Core team.

Simon Bucktrout

Simon has been working in Advertising and Design since 1996. His career began in Scotland working in editorial design. In 1998, Simon set sail for America. He landed in Florida, which he found to be much sunnier than Scotland. So he stayed and worked in advertising agencies on brands like Cunard, Swiss Air, Marriott, Hops, Caterpillar, Devil Rays, and Sports Authority.

If there’s one thing Simon has perfected in his 20+ years in advertising and design, it’s knowing his audience. He’s created award-winning work for people wanting to take a cruise, book a hotel room, rent an apartment, attend a sporting event or travel to a new destination.

Through a variety of these hospitality-related experiences, Simon has developed a keen sense of understanding the prospect mindsets, positioning the location and creating identities, websites and advertising that are both relevant and distinctive.

Brent Bamberger

Brent is the resident Yankee on the team. Born in ‘Merica, and raised on terrible TV ads, Brent started his copywriting career in high school writing ads for local businesses. His career began in earnest in San Francisco at Anderson & Lembke advertising (Now McCann) writing for such clients as Revo, Autodesk, Microsoft and Red’s Java house (wait, you haven’t heard of Red’s?!). Like any Bay Area person in the early 2000s, he joined a few dot-com companies and spent a decade running marketing departments for Cision, MobiTV, TigerText.

In 2011, after this client-side foray, he decided it was no fun being the bad guy and decided to return to the long hours, poor pay and soul-crushing critiques of agency copywriting life.

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